Take a look at Youtube's 'The Village Idiot' showing our parish of Blacktoft. Find the description and the video below. 
"Three left to cover with Goole postcodes in the East Riding of Yorkshire. The first one of those we’re in today as we take a look at a place that on the map might look really small, with not a lot going on, but delve deep into the muddy waters of the Ouse and the Humber and you’ll find a lot more than meets the eye. 
You see, that’s what I thought when I came here. Three tiny villages set alongside the Ouse, none of which really seemed to be anything more than just farming hamlets, but I was so, so wrong. The main village used to have a jetty that was used until the 1920s before a new one was built, harbouring ships which would sail from Goole out into the North Sea. 
As a result, the 1829 pub that was built here was popular with the Danes and the Russians – how many places in East Yorkshire can say that about their locals? Ships would moor here if they needed to sail between Goole and Hull and required two high tides to do so. The jetty is a fascinating part of the main village but let’s not overlook the smaller ones in this place either. 
There’s a windmill which is now agricultural storage, a pond known as a the “Burrow Pit”, and a fabulous wedding venue set aside the shore of two of the UK’s mightiest rivers – and incidentally, where they collide is also where you’ll find the amazing RSPB site that is Whitton Island. Did I mention that most of this parish is owned and maintained by an Estate as well? 
Yes, the humorous ending to this video was well justified. There’s way more than I thought in the parish of BLACKTOFT." 
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